President's letter



The pandemic has had a global effect, leaving everyone in a complex situation, respecting no borders or limits. Its progress has been unstoppable and only in the current months there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, with the arrival of vaccines. But millions of people have lost their lives and even today many people are still suffering the effects of Covid-19. My condolences and prayers are for all of their family and friends.


It is obvious society was ill prepared to deal with this pandemic and did not know how to face it. Home confinement was the first effective measure issued when it started. It was a defensive measure already used by our ancestors in similar situations which gave way to others not so restrictive, but also numerous limitations, which were applied in a more or less restrictive fashion, depending on the evolution of the pandemic. Covid-19 basically affected groups of people due to the fact that the virus spreads mainly between people who are in close contact with each other. Therefore, schools, culture and leisure centers, sports arenas, religious churches, commercial malls, hotels and restaurants have suffered severe limitations that have hindered, or completely stopped in some cases their transactions and operations, a fact which has led to significant reductions in turnover, forcing major adjustments in their workforce, leading to consequential social repercussions.


This is how we arrived and had to deal with a three stem crisis: health crisis, economic crisis and social crisis. Each of them are closely interrelated and have been, and still are a serious problem which is not easy to manage. We’ve all been very critical with the said management of the pandemic, I was one of those first ones to be critical, but it is fair to say that balancing the required type of decisions in these situations is not an easy task. However, consistency in decision-making is required in order to avoid general confusion. Consistency should always be demanded, but it is much more important in moments like this one that require significant sacrifices from citizens.


However, in other countries the requirement for citizens and companies to make “sacrifices” has been higher, but their Governments have supported them with direct aid which has given them a long-term capacity for resisting the crisis. That aid has hardly existed here, and has only offered us short–term capabilities, with which has forced us to go ahead with plenty of effort and solidarity between all of the civil society.


The vaccines, a breath of hope, have finally come arrived despite the original chaos caused in the distribution of their supply. Nevertheless, the protection of part of society is beginning to be effective and we hope that in a few months a large number of population will be vaccinated and thus we will be recovering the signs of identity of our daily life, in our leisure activities, in our families and at our workplaces. In essence, regain full freedom as we had before.


The confinement, and other measures that have followed it, have tested the know-how of our Company in different ways, but we must emphasize the optimal answer that the communication system has shown, allowing to keep all services at the full disposal of our customers.
This crisis placed teleworking or working from home in the spotlight, a prominent position. It is not a new concept, but the current situation has certainly given it a boost. Now is the moment to analyze within the Company in which activities could it be applicable and to what extent. Teaming up in marketing tasks is critical to collective performance. But above all, in this too, when making a decision, one must take into account customer service, which can never be underestimated, and must be cared for in its full extent.


During this time, the term “new normal” has become popular to designate a situation full of limitations and forced resignations. It is only acceptable as an interim because all of us want to return, as soon as possible, to true normalcy, that of total freedom of movement and enjoying our relationships as we did before. The upheaval in society is slowly decreasing and the return to normal life is approaching. Companies need to work fully, without conditions or limitations. In FORCADELL, just as we did before, we want to continue to make professionalism as the outstanding sign our brand; to make the spirit of individual and collective improvement, our future and the search for added value for our customers, our goal.


With my hope for good health for everyone,


Presidente i Consejereo Delegado


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