President's letter


At FORCADELL we are in luck; in the last quarter of the 2022 financial year, I proposed to the Company’s Shareholder’s Meeting, and they accepted, the appointment of Ivan Vaqué i Mas as the new CEO.


We are facing a very relevant, very important fact, in the history of the Company: the third generation assumes the maximum executive responsibilities and, therefore, a new stage begins that we are sure will be even more splendid than the others one that we have lived until now.


The couple Salvador Forcadell – Carme Company founded, in 1958, FINCAS FORCADELL. It was born humble, but it kept gaining momentum until they put the stamp of the future on it by locating it, in 1979, at its current address in Plaça de la Universitat. It was an important and decisive qualitative leap to be where we are today.


In 1988, with my wife, we took over the reins of the Company and have done so until today. Along the way, the effort to carry out many dreams, rewarding experiences and others less so, anecdotes, successes and also some failures. The balance, however, I think is very positive.


In 1988, our entire staff consisted of 49 people and now we are 163. However, in 1988 we opened the first office apart from the one in Plaça Universitat, and now we have 9 in total. The growth is obvious.


So that this growth was not a one-day flower, we have supported it in a job well done technically and ethically, both at an individual and collective level, with special attention to personal relationships with customers, and to training.


It has also been supported by the search for permanent improvement: new services, new markets, and new technologies. And finally, we have also supported growth in the creation of an organizational structure capable of absorbing growth and at the same time having enough flexibility in order to adapt to the evolving needs of the Company.


For 4 years, two independent directors have joined the Board of Directors whose contributions have been very important, especially in the difficult months of the pandemic.


I will not go into detail about the work done, but I can say that in the 55 years that I have been with the Company, a lot of things have happened (55 years is a long time), but the most important thing is that we are here for to continue doing business for many more years.


Our greatest desire, as it was also Mr.Forcadell, has been to give continuity to the Company and that is why we are filled with satisfaction that the third generation will take over. Ivan Vaqué I Mas as CEO, with the collaboration of Mireia Vila I Forcadell as Manager, will be responsible for taking FORCADELL forward.


Iván has been with us for 11 years, of which 7 years as General Manager. He therefore has a thorough knowledge of it as well as of the real estate sector in general with which he has forged numerous relationships due to his responsibility. Industrial Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and MBA from the same university, he has also completed the PDG, General Management Program, at the IESE.


For all this, and for his generous dedication, we are fully convinced that his management at the front of the Company will be a success.


And it will also be because it has at its disposal a great staff and a great team, all of them with professional and human values that will give it all the support to push the ship forward.


All that remains is for me to thank all the staff who are now at the Company. These years of the pandemic have not been easy and everyone has shown understanding and solidarity. A thank you also to all those who have been with us over the years.


And thanks to all customers, professionals and externa collaborators for their trust and support. Together we have possible this family business project called FORCADELL which is now projected into the future.


Kind regards,


Carles Vila i Polls

President of the Board of Directors



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