The comprehensive renovation of a property in Poble-Sec, the first myFunding investment opportunity

Recently, the renovation and rehabiliation works have been completed for a flat located in Elkano Street in Poble Sec by FORVIForcadell’s technical office. This property is also the first myFunding investment opportunity, so after its renovation and sale, the profits will be shared among all the small investors that months ago decided to get involved in this project.

The property, a 72 sqm flat, had originally 4 small bedrooms (one of them with no window), a small bathroom, a small lavatory with handwash and a small shower, and kitchen and living room. With the new distribution designed by the FORVI architects, aimed at achieving wider and brighter spaces, the flat has a new open concept kitchen in the same area as the living room, 2 full bathrooms and 2 large bedrooms, one in-suite and one with a small walk-in closet.





An important restoration work has been carried out with the aim of conserving the maximum of original elements of the building, such as hydraulic flooring and roofs with the 'volta catalana', a type of partitioned vault which is traditional in Catalan construction. In those spaces where it has not been possible to maintain these elements, the materials have been chosen under the criterion of achieving maximum harmony between classical and modern.





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