What can the Property Manager do for the Community of Property Owners?

In any Community of Owners, the meetings that take place in relation to the fulfillment of the different duties and obligations of the property owners are gathered in the record of the Ordinary Meeting.

The community of owners meetings are one of the most controversial issues that we will have to face at a certain point of the year. And, in cases where they are held to agree on the amount of an economic revenue or to decide on economic issues, the inexperience in this type of situation may cause us not to know how to chart the course of the meeting.

In contrast, when it comes to this type of meetings, real estate management has plenty of years of experience. Below we review the key aspects of community of owners meetings.

1. - Choice of topics to be addressed by the community of owners

When the president of the community of owners calls the meeting, the topics to be discussed must be defined beforehand. These should be included in the notice or record of meeting, informing the neighbours about everything related to the meeting.

There are no standard subjects, depending on the community, these will be based on what is needed on each occasion. However, if there is one aspect that is convenient to be dealt with in all meetings, is the one which refers to the status of payments, as well as the identification of late-paying (in default) neighbours. This way, if all the neighbors are up-to-date with regard to payments, the community will be able to deal with any setback at the economic level.

In fact, what is related to late-payments is one of the most difficult issues that we are going to have to deal with. In this sense, having the help of a real estate agency specializing in the property management of community of owners meetings may be the best solution.

2. - The role of a property manager of a community of property owners

2.1 Obligation of an accounting nature

The property manager or administrator of our community will be in a position to act as the necessary tool to which we can go before any problem that may arise in our building. However, one of its most important functions is that which refers to mediation. In the event that there are defaults, the position of the administrator has the obligation to preserve the economic interests of the property. So their role as mediator between any default that happens and the neighborhood community is paramount.

At the economic level, it is also their obligation to manage the administration of rentals, in order to ensure that all tenants who belong to the property in which the community acts as owner are up-to-date with their payments.

2.2. Management of suppliers

The position of property management is responsible for the management of all contracts related to suppliers, as well as ensuring that all of them are complying with the agreement in the contract. Both in the sense that they are complying correctly thei level and at the economic level.

2.3. Looking after and maintenance of the property

It is the neighbours themselves who must transmit any need for maintenance that the property could have. Any urgent repair must be processed automatically by property manager.

2.4. Documentation

The administrator will be the person in charge of gathering all the documentation related to the building. In addition, it is also the person who will collect, one by one, everything that is discussed in the meetings, in order to record and classify it later on in the minutes book of the community.

2.5. Advantages of hiring a property manager

As we have seen, the advantages derived from having a professional who knows how to manage the responsibilities of a community of owners are paramount.

In neighborhood meetings, regardless of their size, we must make decisions that, in many cases, are beyond our control. Due to their training, an administrator or property manager have the necessary tools to manage any aspect that may occur inside a building, providing extra peace of mind and guaranteeing the safety of all the neighbours.

In FORCADELL we have great experience in community management, guaranteeing the well-being of our clients. Contact us and we will advise you.