Next Generation EU funds: interesting opportunities for Communities of Properties

State offered subsidies are an optimal way to renew and improve the residential stock of a city. These European Funds subsidies will allow to implement construction works to improve the residential building stock in terms of structural security and habitability, as well as energy effiency.

Usually, subsidies are granted by assigning a percentage for direct economic aid or by issuing favourable loans. Within the Next Generation EU, Europe has allocated some of these funds to improve Energy Efficiency in residential buildings. One of the multiple beneficiaries of this allocation are communities of properties.

“The basic objective of the Next Generation Funds destined for buildings is to implement a reduction of 30% of energy consumption, but they can also be used to finance traditional rehabilitation construction works, of accessibility or conservation of buildings through grants or subsidies”, highlights Andreu Abelló, Forcadell’s Director of the Community of Properties management department. All rehabilitation proposals will have to meet and comply prior requirements, in addition to submitting a formal application through a technical plan. All has to be completed within the deadlines established and collected by Europe and the corresponding States of the Union (Real Decreto 853/2021 de 5 de Octubre).

Taking precautionary measures regarding the type of subsidy requested is also good idea. Complex products like grants or subsidies are better handled by qualified professionals with technical expertise, who knows the protocols to follow in every grant, and is used to dealing with public administration in a fast, efficient and resolute way. And in this environment, certain countries like Spain have established the “Rehabilitating Agent” figure, to help navigate the complex bureaucracy and act specifically to simplify the number of agents needed to intervene.

This professional’s expenses will be included in the grant received, and s/he will serve as guarantee that completion of construction works and the rest of bureaucratic formalities are fulfilled correctly and in timely manner, concludes Abelló.

These administrators’ main task is advice, tutor and look out so each Community can reach as far as it can, whether it is for building rehabilitation or to receive public grants and subsidies that it is entitled to. In these cases, if you want to be advised and/or receive information about these new Next Gen Funds: European Subsidies and the options that could benefit for your Community of Properties, contact Forcadell’s Community of Properties management department.

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Cristina San José

Cristina San José

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