The big players consolidate Barcelona as a an international investment hub in the MIPIM 2019

FORCADELL experts determine in the MIPIM 2019 event the great investment interest for Barcelona

The non-residential commercial property, especially the office sector, has generated the most interest by core investors

The 30th edition of the MIPIM comes to an end today, exceeding participation figures and visitors, in an event focused on making the real estate sector aware of the importance of applying environmental policies and creating products based on durability. "We are very aware of the change that the sector must carry out in terms of sustainability, and that is why we must join efforts together. In MIPIM 2019 we have laid the foundations for change among all of us and we are convinced that in the short term the changes will start to be visible. The digital transformation of the sector has been and remains a key factor these years and in the near future, but without a change of mentality -in environmental terms-, it will not be possible to build the real estate sector that we are designing. ” highlighted Ivan Vaqué, partner and CEO of FORCADELL. In fact, Ban Ki-moon, the current secretary of the United Nations pointed out in the inaugural conference of MIPIM that "cities should be inclusive, creative and resilient to climate change" opting on "making smart cities compatible with sustainability.”

Barcelona, consolidated hub of investment interest

Representatives for the real estate consulting firm FORCADELL in the MIPIM 2019 are extremely satisfied for the success achieved in the fourth consecutive year at the Barcelona-Catalonia “Keep on Rocking” stand, having obtained a large influx of visitors, contacts, business opportunities and generated synergies. "The Barcelona-Catalonia project is fully consolidated after 11 years since its creation. We have collaborated with a total of 28 companies and we have had a great organizational support that has allowed us to take full advantage of our participation in this prestigious international real estate investment event ", said Toni López, partner and director of the Corporate Real Estate Department.”

MIPIM 2019 has consolidated Barcelona as a real estate investment hub, very attractive for the first-rate international players. The tertiary sector has aroused great interest, especially in the office sector "we have seen a change in the investor profile in the tertiary sector in Barcelona: the added value investor has given way to the core investor, with good knowledge of the Barcelona market: the demands for yields are lower now, being a clear indicator of the consolidation and maturity of the market” said Pau Cabot, investment consultant at FORCADELL.

Among the most prominent personalities that have attended the 30th edition of MIPIM, under the motto Engaging the future, Mr. Damià Calvet, Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris; or Dorothee Stapelfeldt, Minister of Urban Development of Germany.

MIPIM 2019 closes this edition with outstanding participation figures -4,000 investors, 3,800 exhibitors and 26,500 participants- and a clear positive perspective of the sector, in the short and medium term:  the challenge of refocusing the quality of products and respect for the environment.