5 tips to sell your property in record time

Due to the economic recovery, the real estate market in Spain is currently experiencing a boost especially in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, where growth per sqm is increasing several points over the national average. Relying on a real estate consulting firm in Barcelona with experience in comprehensive management of flats and buildings will make sure you get the best possible agreement, with their advice and services.

Tip # 1: The real estate situation in Barcelona

At the present moment, the economic situation favors the sale of properties. Due to the fact that the Euribor is at an unprecedented minimum low, rating at a negative -0.25 (at the date of writing this article), buyers are currently in the ideal situation to apply for a mortgage.

Specifically, in the Catalan Capital this situation translates into a 7% year –on- year square meter price increase and a ratio that places the average sale time in 6.5 months. Even though these are good numbers, if you want to achieve an optimal agreement by improving even the average figures, a real estate company like Forcadell, with comprehensive experience in the real estate sector will help you optimize results, reducing sale time and improving profitability.

Tip # 2: How to obtain the best agreement when selling a property?

To make the most of  the flats for sale, it is very important that you take into account some administrative and aesthetic details that allow you to be agile in the sale and make it stand out from the rest of the properties for sale.

Tip # 3: Give your home a make-over inside-out

These are changes that might seem insignificant, but that will be noticed by the buyer. Painting the walls with new paint and adding new fixtures to the interior of your home are fairly easy ways to give your home a proper make-over, giving it a refreshed look and an up-to- date appeal to possible buyers. Depending on your budget, having the kitchens and bathrooms reformed will increase the property’s market value. Always choose a neutral aesthetic for this type of reforms if your intention is to sell since potential buyers will find it easier to see themselves living in your flat.

Tip # 4: De-clutter and depersonalize

Once you are done repainting your walls and making those small renovations, you want to start de-cluttering and depersonalizing the interior of your home, eliminating personal items like photographs, drawings on the refrigerator etc. Doing so will give a “move-in” mentality as you are giving your buyers a hint that you are ready to move out and that the flat is ready for them to move in. De-cluttering your flat will also make it look more spacious.

Tip # 5: Hiring a real estate professional

On the one hand, they have great experience in selling properties. Real estate professionals will always give you the best tips to optimize the sales potential of your property and know how to manage the real estate portals and all the resources of the sector to sell your flat.

On the other hand, they have a client data base that couldbe interesedted in properties similar to yours.

Tip # 6: Having all the documents ready

It may seem obvious, but having all the paperwork ready for the sale can speed up the procedures considerably. 

The documents that must to be ready in order to start the sales process are: property deed, Energy Performance Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica) and the Certificate of Habitation (Certificado de Habitabilidad), plus the last IBI (Municipal land tax) invoice, the last community of owners invoice, and if there is a mortgage, the last invoice.

The need for more documents depends largely if there are burdens on the property, how old it is, etc.

Now that you know some secrets, come and contact us in our real estate consulting firm in Barcelona. In Forcadell we have all the experience needed to sell your flat.