Construction Law

The Construction Law is that branch of law in charge of regulating construction processes, from planning and study prior to subsequent consequences once the renovation is complete. FORCADELL, thanks to a team evolving and updating their knowledge, offers its customers comprehensive advice on Construction Law.


- Claim construction defects: FORCADELL performs different actions that the law allows to repair defects or achieve compensation for damages resulting from construction deficiencies that cause buyers of real estate.

Audit in buying process: in the process of buying property, the Department of Legal Council of FORCADELL conducts a study of legal deeds, contracts, applicable planning regulations, etc..

- Liability of parties involved in the construction defects in the work:​ the client company may appeal to the department processes breach of complaint scenarios qualities hired by developers, builders, construction managers, etc..

-  Contractual scope, preparation of contracts of sale of property: the company will hold contract drafting real estate purchase and sale of plot for future work, featuring the company's customers and ensure the correctness and adherence to the legislation in the form of terms and conditions of these operations.

- Bankruptcy proceedings​: FORCADELL can advise their clients, both individuals and businesses in bankruptcy proceedings resulting scenarios receivership or bankruptcy.

- Construction Taxation​: VAT, ITP, tax facilities and works, IAE, etc..

- Construction Insurance​: department advises developers work on construction contracts of insurance through insurance brokerage company.

- Defence and claims in court​: if the management of any of the above issues requires, the legal team will perform procedures FORCADELL defense or claim to the tribunals.


The Department of Legal Counsel offers special rates to the FORCADELL customers:


- 50% reduction in the first consultation

- 20% discount on school fees for all court proceedings

- Annual subscriptions tailored to the individual needs of our clients

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