Administrative Law

Administrative Law is that branch of law which is responsible for regulating and supervising the administration of the various public bodies relationship with citizens. The Legal Department, as an expert in the configuration of the public rules, advises clients of FORCADELL on managing all procedures related to the various agencies.


- Liability of Public Administration: damages in cases of specific and measurable verifiable caused by the operation of public services, the legal department FORCADELL advise their clients on the application of the responsibility of the administration..

- Processing of files: administrative proceedings, administrative appeals, expropriation, disciplinary, etc..

- Appeals and replacement: Department of Legal Counsel will appeal files or replacement in case of opposition or expression of disagreement with rulings against the company's customers.

- Public subsidies: the client of the company will be advised on scenarios in which the claim is relevant to a public subsidy in reference to any procedure or service that comes into operation any department of the company.

- Defence and claims in court: if the management of any of the above issues requires, the legal team will perform procedures FORCADELL defense or claim to the tribunals.


The Department of Legal Counsel offers special rates to the FORCADELL customers:


- 50% reduction in the first consultation

- 20% discount on school fees for all court proceedings

- Annual subscriptions tailored to the individual needs of our clients                                                  

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