Forvi projects including memory writes descriptive and constructive and budget measurements, graphic documentation, applicable regulations, specifications and other attached documents. This complies with all applicable regulations regarding the planned works to ensure maximum flexibility and security in the licensing procedure. Forvi project tailored to the benefits of the intervention required in each of the documents reflecting the reality of the real estate and construction techniques to be applied thereby minimizing any unforeseen work. During the execution of work, regular visits are made and the order book entries or acts of force decisions. Safety in the work is present at all times, from the documentary field as well as in compliance with the necessary health and safety measures. Throughout the project is an ongoing cost control to avoid deviations between billing and has been hired.


Forvi is aware that rehabilitation work on a property is a delicate decision, which involves a high cost and must be assisted by the best professionals. So Forvi not limited to present a project, but that comes with the client throughout the process since decides to undertake work until the end of its execution: make the building contracting works, handle request permissions, track and provide comprehensive assistance once the works.



Forvi visits the house for the taking of measures for a surveying and offers solutions that fit the needs and budget. In such projects, the client will always have the capacity to decide on its reform, a construction engineer at your disposal as a partner.


In providing repair services, Forvi writes a report on the state of conservation of each of the systems that make up the property and poses a conservation plan for planning corrective and preventive actions necessary to ensure the property is always in the best condition.


After the visit to the institution Forvi certifies the property identifying the thermal characteristics of the envelope and the performance of their facilities. The certificate used to write data known, whenever possible, because the optimal rating and closest to reality. Also included is an appendix with approximate cost of the proposed improvement measures, energy saving and repayment ones, useful information can also help improve commercial property options.



This document describes the property according to the deficiencies and according to their severity. It is the starting point for the client of Forvi to help a future plan of rehabilitation interventions avoiding risks to other people and future cost overruns. If the rating of the ITE is no minor deficiencies or weaknesses or already done the necessary work to correct these deficiencies serious Forvi can complete the formalities before the Government certificate of technical capacity building.


Forvi visits the property to check the settings and get a sketch habitability requirements remains guarded in the archives of the company. Also, the technical office will carry out the procedure before the Department of Housing of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The customer only has to do the task and handle everything to Forvi, that will do the work in the minimum time possible.


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