Sector of activity

FORCADELL, throughout its 50 years of history, has become a comprehensive platform reference real estate services in Catalonia. The company goal is to provide any service that a customer can ask for in terms of real estate, from the sale of a property to its management, through the legal department or contract of insurance. The Technical Office of FORCADELL, Forvi, allows the company to provide services for the rehabilitation of buildings, renovation of homes, construction management or issuance of certificates and reports. Forvi, therefore, performs its tasks as technical office real estate in the following sectors of activity:


- Communities of neighbors: the professional technical office provides assistance to neighboring communities in the reform or rehabilitation of the common areas of the property. Forvo consultant in rehabilitation processes of doors, stairs, elevators, gardens, sports areas, etc..

- Houses: Forvo carries out reforms of housing projects with the intention that they recover their functionality, image and performance that have been damaged over time. The technical office of FORCADELL performs request permissions, helps in contracting works and provides assistance once these are completed.

- Residential Buildings: rehabilitation of residential buildings is one of the specialties of the team of architects and engineers of the company. Forvi conducts comprehensive building renovation projects and complete façades. The technical office advice on procurement of works, the application permits, monitoring of rehabilitation and assistance after the play.

- Retail Property: FORCADELL customers who have owned a retail property and want to optimize the yield could be obtained by the same, may have Forvi, individualized plan that will carry out rehabilitation and reform to make the most of the property in their marketing process.

- Offices: Forvi also specializes in office refurbishment processes. The technical office will advise the Company in the preparation of the property and the equity of the same rules for putting back on the market.

- Parking: The FORCADELL Technical Office, Forvi, also acts as a bridge between clients and professionals are needed in work processes and parking reform.

- Profitability Products: one of the main areas of action of Forvi is the optimization of the conditions of the property owners of our clients so that they can get the most out of their financial assets. The technical office of the Group makes ​​a detailed study of its properties and will present a specific plan in which shares will propose reforms or improvements enable greater value of property due to the possibility of requiring higher incomes.

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