I have a flat or a retail property to rent. Should I have the energy efficiency label?

According to Decree 235/2013 of 5 April, usually local housing must display the energy efficiency label for marketing and delivering it when renting or selling the property. Therefore, you should apply the label only if you plan to market your property More Information


What should I do for my building if I detect moisture or structural element in disrepair?

Must notify a qualified technician to assess the severity of the illnesses or injuries detected. An architect or building engineer will make an objective diagnosis and will propose appropriate solutions for each type of deficiency. If there is a possible risk to third parties by the location and type of injury, it may be necessary placement of preventive measures (networks) responsibility to safeguard the property, so you also need the approval of a technician who directs and verify the installation.


I want to do works on my house. Should I request a license?

If you have planned works are intended only change coverings, paint or furniture in general is enough with a "Found work" that Barcelona is a procedure that can immediately do the same owner and does not involve the fees. If the works affect the distribution or structure, need a project execution and approval of a technician to apply the license. The documentation required and the type of permit varies depending on the location of the property and the type of intervention. For more information, consult your council.

In Barcelona you can consul previously here


My building has to pass ITE?

According to Decree 187/2010 must pass the inspection ITE multifamily residential buildings that have a length of 45 or more according to the schedule set out in the decree. More Information


I need a certificate of occupancy of my house. How can I get it?

Should get in touch with a competent technician will issue a certificate of occupancy in the case of your house that meets the requirements of the Decree 141/2010. This same technique can also make the process electronically or in person at the Department of Housing.


I have condensation in my house. How can I sort it out?

Normally, a home produces condensation on uninsulated walls that create areas where cold condenses water vapor exists inside. The most effective solution is to isolate and eliminate thermal bridges. Contact us and we will give you a study to definitively eliminate this problem.
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